Our efforts to stop 7-Eleven have resulted in a precedent-selling review process with the City of San Mateo and ultimate sucess in declaring 501 N. San Mateo Drive residentially zoned.

There are many people who have contributed their time and expertise to assist us in this worthy effort. Our website was completed by a local resident who volunteered her time. One neighbor is keeping television and print media involved. There is a core group of neighbors meeting once per week to review progress, develop strategy, and communicate with the larger community. Four San Mateo Heights resident attorneys recently agreed to assist pro bono.

Continued hearings have necessitated an increase in expenditures to pay for subpoenas and time spent building our case to argue before the City Council and the Planning Commission.

Approximately forty families have contributed a total of $17,500 to pay our current bill (as of December 15, 2012). At that time we anticipated the need for an additional $12,500 for ongoing legal expenses.


The email addresses for the
City Council are:

Brandt Grotte

Deputy Mayor
David Lim
Maureen Freschet
Jack Matthews
Robert Ross

I would like to be involved in San Mateo Heights Neighborhood Association and receive periodic updates to this issue and others.


We are in the process of calculating the remaining legal bill and may need to prevail on SMHNA neighbors' generosity once more to cover the balance. We will notify you of the remaining amount once we receive invoices from our Attorney Camus' law firm.

You can donate with your credit card or send a check made payable to: San Mateo Heights Neighborhood Association (SMHNA) c/o Richard Smith, 316 East Bellevue ave, San Mateo,Ca 94401

Many thanks.

"Do the Right Thing!"